Endelig, etter 11 år skal vi ha releasefest for plata BeHold & BeHeld. Unicorn er Tonje sitt band og hun har med seg fantastiske musikere denne kvelden: Terje Engen - Trommer, Kristian Edvardsen - Bass, Erlend Mikael Sæverud - Gitar, André Storeng - Keyboard, Jan Tariq Rui-Rahman - Gitar/Keyboard. Vi spiller hele plata, samt noen nye låter... (...) view
Unicorn has rested long enough, and are ready to gallop again!
Concerts are first in line, so recording of new songs must wait.
We will seek opportunities to perform where we feel at home!
New web pages are ready, and we hope to hear from you - if you have seen us on a concert or have some others you want to share.
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Musikkfest in Oslo, Rådhusplassen. Start 14:00 (Vokal: Tonje Ettesvoll, Keyboard: Jan Tariq Rui-Rahman, Gitar: Nils Einar Vinjor, Bass: Jørun Bøgeberg, Trommer: Remi Fagereng) (...) view
The last few years I have spent most of my time working on myself and learning how to relax more and communicate better with myself and others. I am not "cured" of my history, nor will I ever be. It will always be a part of who I am. My experiences will always effect how i think and react to a sertain degree and maybe i will find some situations... (...) view
  27.09.06 Hello!
The 17th of september I gave birth to a baby girl that probably will be named Taylor. She weighed 2650 grams and was 47 cm long. The birth lasted almost 3 days, and I actually thought I was going to die. But it is amazing what the body can endure, even without...
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It has been very long since I updated the web. And many of you might think that I just laid myself down to die ;))) But no, I have just been under the knife for the second time this year.
After the surgery in my belly i have gained a new life without pain in my thorat or stomach, and I can eat and drink what I like....
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This will be almost all the news this year, but it will be long, dears...
I have waited a rude long time to write, but not for rude reasons. I have been so down, so sick, depressed, and without will, almost just enough to breathe.
Tonje, the great, has finally fallen. And what a fall it was. There are probably many...
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07.10.04 Unicorn performs at Blakstad Hospital for 15-year olds in Asker regarding the launch of their Vip- project. www.vipweb.no (...) view
I have posted the last article in a magazine called K( in norwegian). We are very pleased, and you can check it out on the Biography pages  09.12.03
HURRAY!! We are ready with our first album "BeHold & BeHeld"! We have posted 3 new, completely done songs on the Media pages.  
The album is not ready to ship abroad...
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11.06.03 Unicorn performs for Landsrådet for Norges barne- og ungdomsorganisasjoner (LNU) (The Norwegian Youth Council).
Closed arrangement. 11. - 12.03 Unicorn performs at the conference "Sexuality and sexual abuse - where is the borderline?". The conference is being held at Oslo Kongressenter, Folkets Hus.
Unicorn will contribute...
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