Dagbok fra Hellas, 2003


Here you can read our little diary, and see pictures that show how we are during the recording of our first album..

The ones joining are: Toula TourismosFinn HarrisonJohan SelgerydAndré StorengSigmund VikTirill MohnÅshild StorengRonny PettersenTonje Ettesvoll and Haakon Ellingsen.

We are putting in some pictures for you, and they will be published as we have time to scan them. you will be able to see them here.

We are leaving Norway in our new bandmobile, a Mercedes. It's gonna be a long, but exciting trip.

It's sunday and we`ve had a long and almost too adventures trip up until now.
Our travel route: Wednesday 27.06. at 0300 am we left from Aker Brygge because some of the boys had a job. We drove towards Helsingborg and arrived early in the morning. From there wetook a ferry to Helsingör. Since Toula had told everyone that Denmark was approxomately 600 km long, we all had prepared for a long journey. This prooved to be very wrong, (oops!) so after 2 hours already, we arived at the ferry to Germany. After this we drove through a long Germany and ended up in Austria early thursday morning.

Italy was an even longer ride, and when we finally reached Brindisi and the ferry to Greece, friday morning, we were very exhausted. It was not a great peace of information to learn that the ferry tok 8 hours and not 2 (Toula again...) and cost a lot more then we thought.

When we finally got aboard the ship, it showed they didnt take Visa, and we had no cah, no food or water. After a bit of struggling, Toula managed to flirt with the captain and we got to use the Visa in the restaurant and got some cash. Everyone tried to sleep since its very difficult to sleep on the buss. Toula, Sigmund and Ronny couldnt sleep and we got to try out the Greek sun and wine....hehhe.. at least we had some fun.

We got lost on the road to Thessaloniki, and we got started with some arguing, (finally) ally driving with a car way too large, some great foods and hugging. After this we ended up on a f.... large mountain. It virtually NEVER ended !! We felt we had entered the Twilight Zone and had already driven off a cliff and died... it was totally deserted, creepy and there were no signs telling if we were on the right way or not. Not for hours. We thought we had climbed a tall mountain but the big test was still to come, we should have taken pictures of this enourmously steep road up the hill. On one side a canyon on the other greek drivers, need I say more. Toula was reapidly loosing facial color and Sigmund needed to stop. The others were mainly sleeping..lucky bastards...

Saturday at noon we arrived and Tirill and Haakon met us in the garden with great, big smiles. We talked, baded in our pool (the "calfpond"), ate and drank. Actually, we lasted quite a while, everything was so new and exiting. We spent the sunday unpacking, monday we bought a fridge and lots of house stash. Thuesday we set sounds and everything seemed perfect. Wednesday the computer crashed all day long. We thought it was the electricity here, and we went to the city with the machine and "Layla". That was pretty stupid. It was "submitted" immediately over night, and was supposedly fixed the next day. We struggeled again on friday and saturday and saturday night we called Cobra Pc and asked for help. We had to put it on the surgery table and physically get back in the shape it was when we first got it. All in all we know we pretty much are to blame. We are aware that we could f... everything up, since we are unskilled in the Sonar software. Its ok now, some dropouts, but we are recording 8 tracks at a time, and the machine needs time to process all the info. 

Åshild and André were out walking wednesday night. On the trip they discovered an little dog in very bad shape. We brought it to the house, it has been fed, treated with care and medication. Toula will probably bring it home if it survives. His name is Jesper and he is a black/redish brown hunting dog and likely to grow very tall.

Last night we went on a little expedition, the inspiration was down since we now are a week behind schedule. It was a live concert at a beach nearby. We all left, had a good time, and went home to a house broken into. Thay had spread all our stuff around on the first floor, minidiscs, discman, money, wallets, all André´s nickers (!) and some clothes were missing. A slight panic errupted, and we ran down to the studio. For some reason htey hadn`t checked the basement and all the equipment was still there and the door was still locked. Unbelieveable. Ronny took the hardest fall and lost his laptop and his passport. They also took the stereo upstairs, so no more arguing about what to listen to, Eminem, Bob Dylan or Europe...

We are about done with "Revealøing the world", drums that is. It lock dark concerning the pictures since my disposable camera was stolen, believe it if you can....
At least Im bold now.... :)


It delays between the writings, and its due to the fact that no one else but me bother to do this. Everythings ok here and we are proceeding satisfactionally with the recording. We have got drums, bass and guitar down on many songs. We have dropouts every now and then, my guess is human error, but at this point it is very difficult to target the problem. 
It was a real pleasure to see Finn again. He is a great guy, and has recorded very fast. Its hot, byr very windy, so we have to spend some time loking for pieces that gas gone with the wind. I was a little desoriented just now, we just had to "discuss" some matters (wich ended up with André going to kick Sigmunds ass...)...

Ronny and Haakon left, they couldnt take it anymore... no, they had other stuff to do than lay around in the sun with good friends all day. We left to see some beaches, someone went to Magic Parc, someone has recorded. We moved the pool to the roof, and we had louds of fun there with skinny dipping, diving and other rytmic sport exercises.

Tirill and Finn are sleeping on the roof. its so f.... hot inside.. Sigmund and Johan are sleeping downstairs, together with the equipment and most of the bugs that are here. I bought a new disposable camera, so check out for pics soon. Jesper is sleeping inside now, and it means waking up getting bitten in at toe, the nose or a breast... He`s very playful now, you find your shoes just about anywhere, he has learned to sit, lie and put up his leg..... ????

We are starting to see the songs getting "in shape", and I must say that it feels good, been waiting a long time for this. We are getting to record all the songs we planned to, and have good sound. Tonight the band are going on a pubwalk and tomorrow we get to be alone to make plans, sign contracts.
Im not coming to norway in another 4 months and it makes a few problems.. and new, exciting solutions.
Other than that, Finn tried to pull a practical joke on André today, pulling down his shorts in the city. What he did not know was that André wasnt wearing any underwear. I wasnt there, but i would kill to see the look in his eyes... Off course nothing else....hehe.

We also discovered who`s snoring and it is André, Haakon and.. ME???? What the ff...... This has to be a conspiracy, they have to get something on me.. well, at least I mutated a few times. Woke up with a mosquito bite in the face and eyes patched together. Tirill had a sting in the lip and woke up looking like Elvis.

As we speak, be spesific when you let someone read your diary without telling them were to start reading. The other day Tirill had written something for me and with great lust I looked up in the back of the book and found a letter were it was necessary for Tirill to leave me and other sad stuff. It was all quite general, and i got a bit sad. A day later it prooves i read an old "breaking up letter" for an ex... it was releaving and funny..

See ya later...


It's weird how much we are to experience on this trip. Had they only been nice things. The band went to the city on saturday. We found a really great resaurant and had a good time for a few hours. The waiter told us that most places to dance are actually close to were we live, close to the Makedonia Airport. We went, and on the fly the guys remembered they had seen a sign for a stripbar. Most of the guys hadn´t been to one, so we arrived after a little driving around. After going to get some more money, it was quite expensive, we finally entered. A dark place with a sole man stripper dancing... haha, i have never seen one, but you cant see anything more than on the beach anyway. The guys got company from a lot of pretty women and we found to norwegian girls working there. We spoke for a while with one of them and she was very sweet. Stripclubs in norway and Greece are not very similar. I find stripping very sensual, but here it was a bit dull, and they were showing more than what i find tasteful. In addition to that, the tabledanceing was pretty nasty since many of the women let the guys touch them wherever. I norway you cant socalize with the guest, here its a must.

It went from being funny, interesting, boring tobecome rather sad. One of our drummers (he would like to be anonymous) got a bit "tipsy", and we left the party at 4 30. We found a place called decadance and went in. It was getting to be morning, the place had no roof, so we danced in to the sunrise.
Around seven me, Finn and Sigmund were dancing on the dancefloor, finally. Finn went to the mens room and right after two of the guards came towards Sigmund, who was a bit tipsy too...
Instead of talking to him, they got a hold of his ponytale andpulled him to the floor. When they started dragging him by it, i kicked one of them in the shoulder. He pushed me away and they dragged him out by his shoulders. I ran to get the others and had to explain thorouglly. I went out to use some bad language at the guards and hit one of them in the shoulder with my bag. Its a clothingbag on the size of my hand. Without it making any f... difference. He punched me in the head, and I saw his leg coming towards me, i knew I would down the stairs, and I fainted. The others toled me that he kicked me while I was laying down and the others tried to pull me away. We lost sigmund in all the fuss and tried to locate André who was driving. It was a long night that unfortunately ended sadly. We left a "beat" Sigmund to sleep in the car,and it seems he has tried to go out of the emergency window of the car, cause the next day it was bent out.

Well, we wont quit, and today we have contract meeting with signing. Life goes on, but i still would like the guard to pay for what he did to remind him of totally unexceptable behaviour.
Tirill and Aashild has gone camping and Im about to start dinner, Ta leme...



I'm burning back-ups and sweating my ass off here. We managed to disable the car last night. But than again, i managed to order pizza in Greek. The recording is going great and Tirill and Aashild are back. Im going to scan some pics for u, so check it out today or in the very near future.

Miss you all.



Hi again. Since Im enjoying this so much, I must write again today. The car is in the shop til Wednesday and I rented a Virago 250 for a week. For those of you that arent nervous, read this; here you can ride without a helmet in shorts and sandals, especially if your life philosophy is that no one dies before their time....
The pics are going to be late, since a lack a driver for my scanner. We are now listening to Finns recordings and it sounds like a bat out of hell.... GOOD ! 
Today i received a phonecall about my membership in the road assistance company, that it for some reason is not valid. Because the car is so weird, so life goes on with bad news. nothing to worry about there, most goes down the drain, so everything is perfectly normal. And im getting just about fed up with all these great challenges im supposed to learn so much from.

Now Im going to get Finn drunk, and take a swim on the roof.



On monday we signed the contracts (hehe...), yesterday Finn went home after finishing a great job, today we are finishing recordings on bass. Its only me and Sigmund left here now, and we are burning backups. Afterwards we are celebrating how great Sigmund plays the bass and eat steak. No one cares that dinner is way pased 12. The car finished at the shop after only one day and after sliding a bit on the bike i realized that im not as hard as i might think. I returned the bike after onlu one day and it is actually NOT safe to drive bike on this slippery roads. A friend of Tirill, Costas, has been visiting and he had the pleasure of riding with me at the particular moment it happened.

Tirill and I sat one day for 3 whole hours at the policestation. Either they have nothing to do or they really enjoyed our company. We choose to believe the last. We needed the report the thieft. Of course we got it in greek and ot will probably please the incuranse companies. They invited us for coffee and we answered to invite them over to the house on saturday. No one showed up, but around 12 we were on the roof and a patrole car drove veeery slowly past the house with all lights on. I doubt they were going to visit the only neighbour, a monistary ! It would have been great fun to have the local police over for a party, we thought about calling the emergency number and say we had a party but there was no police and ask what they thought we should do with the matter.

One day André, Åshild and Finn were out driving they got hit with a part form another car inthe front shield, and it burst in the left corner. e have spent some time at Mercedes down here and it will only cost us 1500 kroners to change it, they are very service minded. We had a farewellparty for Finn and it was about 2 hours sleep before we had to take him to the airport, of course he had to go at 7 in the morning. After that Sigmund and I went to Mercedes to fix the car, we had problems keeping our eyes open and it was a cheerful moment to come home and find that Jesper had peed on the floor, in the sofa and puked over the bed.

Anyway, its going to be a f... great cd, and after all the hassel we had putting it together i expect you who read this to buy at least 10 pieces....

By the way, Sigmund lost at nudy poker last night so there will be some great pics in a short while.

Well, back to the stressful life, beer, smokes, food and nightly skinnydipping.....hihi...



Tonje has arrived for her vocal recordings. We look forward to get it all in place. Its not so varm here at the moment and it feels great. André and Aashild has been alone since Sigmund left on thursday after a splendid bass job. Tirill will come back later this week and I came back yesterday. Trying to get the pics for this site in but there is always something new thats going wrong. And its always my fault...

We had a great time in Athens and Santorini. Made a new song with Tirill and its a hit. We already have some fans, if someone thinks of a group name please notice us !! 



Hello again. We are ready for take of. We are not quite finished with the vocals, but other than that we are pretty much done. I want to thank everybody who participated on this trip, a great bunch and I think everybody learned something, at least I did.
We are packing and Jesper is very excited about whats happening, he is going to live in in Denmark for a while.

We arrive in Norway at the end of the week, and are excited to see our families and friends.