We will try to give you an explanation of what a Unicorn is, and why we chose to call our band Unicorn.

André Bjerke (1918-1985) is one of Tonje`s favourite writers, especially because he was a versatile writer and knew how to delicately move within a number of genres. Most of his poetry and drama work draws u in, but he was also a thorough crime novelist with a lot of knowledge and interest in the supernatural. He loved to put sense and sensibility up against each other. For many years he wrote crime novels under the pseudonym Bernhard Borge, but in 1963 he published "The Unicorn" by his real name. It is this story about 4 men and a woman being "poked by the unicorn" in a meeting with the inexplicable and supernatural, that has inspired to the name Unicorn. 
The fact that many of us choose life after being abused, is in many ways inexplicable......

There is a lot between heaven and earth, but there is more between the ears in each and everyone of us that we could combine with our hearts, to make the world a better place to stay.


Some facts

A Unicorn is an imaginary animal, existing only in mans imagination. For the most it has been described as a horse with a horn on the forehead. According to Adèle Schreibers book "the unicorn" (Swedish) from 1997, the unicorn origins from India. It is said that a gazelle drank water out of a river infected with an hermitt`s sperm.

The animal has been described as beautiful, wild, evil and good. Just like man it has a lot of qualities. One thought the animal was attracted by the innocence and beauty of a virgin, and would only be tamed by her.
The hunters trailed the unicorn with a virgin as a lure. What drew the hunters to the unicorn was its horn. Allegedly it would bring luck, and if you drunk from its horn, it would serve as an antidote for different illnesses.

The unicorn has been mentioned in both Islam and Christianity, and numberless paintings, drawings and icons has been made of it. History from the Persian kingdom tells that people actually believed the animal existed.

Throughout the history the unicorn has been added different qualities. Someone saw it as a symbol of purity, innocence and beauty, others as evil and death. This is why it is ones own experience that sets its symbolic value.

For us in Unicorn, it is precisely the variety of qualities that makes the unicorn interesting. Both man and the unicorn has qualities of different varieties. As far as we know, we exist, if we are true is a matter of choice, granted you know there exists one. We in unicorn choose to believe we are true only if we live by heart and try to be what we were meant to be: ourselves.........