News 2003


I have posted the last article in a magazine called K( in norwegian). We are very pleased, and you can check it out on the Biography pages 

HURRAY!! We are ready with our first album "BeHold & BeHeld"! We have posted 3 new, completely done songs on the Media pages.  
The album is not ready to ship abroad yet, unfortunately, but we are working on it. 
Please enjoy the new songs and let us hear what u think. If you really want the album, send us a mail,, and we will see what we can do.

I have put up some more links and pictures. 2 new Galleries and more pictures from the show at youngstorget.

I know that some of you wont believe this, BUT: the album "BeHold & BeHeld" will be out during november. HURRAY!! We had some tough luck with the mix, but suddenly Arne-Peter Rognan came as sent from above and "brought us to Leif" Johansen. Leif is almost done mixing the album and it sounds great. I`m very pleased and can't wait to finally get this album out. We are considering making a video for "Christmas Song" before christmas, but I can't guarantee anything. But, Rejoice... Making the cover we are lucky to have Øystein Gutu, a very talented and creative man. The album will be special, a piece of art..

Long time, no update. But that doesn't mean nothing is happening. On the contrary, plenty is happening. We will put up a couple of new interviews soon, but first we are pleased to put the pilot for the movie about Tonje on the net. You can find it on the Media pages. It is a quite large file, so you might have to download it if you are on a slow connection.It will need 10% buffering to start playing. The movie isn't all done, but at least I know I will be happy with it. The album is getting there slowly, but surely. We have to work some more on the mix, but it is coming in the atumn. Have a Great summer!

We posted the interview with Tonje from Allers. In norwegian. You can read it or look at the pictures on the Biography pages. Of other news we can mention that the mix of the album will be finished in a few weeks and that the shooting of the movie about Tonje has begun.

The interview with Tonje from the norwegian show Norgesglasset at Nrk P1 is posted on the Biography pages. It's a rather large file and in Norwegian only, sorry again, better learn some Norwegian soon...hehe..

We have just finished with another pleasant meeting with the Queen. We played two good mini concerts and it was rewarding performing for the people attending the congress of Supportsenter against incest. We have posted another Norwegian article from Aftenposten, naming Tonje...

We have posted a new guestbook and hope many of you will sign it.


Se & Hør (norwegian magazine) has published an article about Tonje and Unicorn playing for the Queen at the Senter against Incest. we have posted it on the Biography pages , in Norwegian. By the way, check out the massive promotion (on the selfmade t-shirt) for Marillion, which most people know is Tonjes favourite band.

The interview with Gry Strømme from the radioshow "kaliber" the 5th oh february has been uploaded on the Biography pages. It is an mp3 file, but in Norwegian.

You can now read (in Norwegian) the article, in a newspaper from Bergen, about the award of money from solofondet to the documentary about Tonje, directed by Gry Strømme. Unfortunately there has been a misunderstanding and Tonjes last name was not mentioned. It is one of the criterias for doing an interview and we hope no one was too disappointed. It was payed back in full in a radio show from PeTre today. Gry Strømme did a really good job and Tonjes full name was mentioned at least twice. 

There is a documentary about incest in the making. It will be about Tonje and her process dealing with the abuse from her father, which naturally includes Unicorn. This film has now been granted 10 000 kroner from  Libresse jentefond  and now a 100 000 kroner from Solofondet. This is certainly positive and is very encouraging news for Unicorn. The film is produced by Genie Productionand directed by Gry Strømme.

We are performing for Smi again in Mars. This Conference is one you dont want to miss. Check out our Performances page for further details.

Have added another article from Christmas eve, a little like the others, but we messed about with the pic. And yes, it's another one in Norwegian.

Today we got permission from the magazine "Det Nye" to scan and post the debate that was published in november 2002. Tonje participated in the debate with the now infamous policeman from Laksevåg in Bergen. Again it's only in Norwegian, but you can look at the pictures on the Biography pages.. ;-)

Last show was for the Support center against incest in Oslo on little christmas eve for the Queen Sonja. We performed Christmas song and Hope. All went very well and we got good media coverage.Two of the articles are posted here on the Biography page; "Article in Budstikka" and "Article with NTB". Unfortunately for you they are in Norwegian and the picture that belongs to the article with ntb is owned by scanpix and costs to much to show here. But smi took a lot of pictures and we will post some of them up here. The article with ntb was used by Aftenposten, Adresseavisa and Østlendingen. 
On the evening of the 23rd the national channel in norway, NRK, sent a long segment from the event and a big part of Christmas Song could be heard.
The Queen was also given a beautiful piece if artwork made by the artist Hanne Frey Husø on demand from Unicorn. It was the lyric on ricepaper, written in japanese calligraphy. She is the same artist that are designing our album cover. The Queen was pleased and surprised. We will upload pictures of the artwork here soon.

Anyway: HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody......