Nyheter 2001


André leaves Unicorn.

I put up a new lyric. "Who`s gonna love you".

Put up two new lyrics. "Flawless day" and "Why am I". And made a great rolling text (?) on the main page. 

I couldn't help it. I developed some more films and had to add a few more pics from Greece.
I promise to stop this now... Really...

Put up some more pics from Greece and from the Concert at Youngstorget. 

Fixed some of the buttons and added tool tip text to pictures. I'm sure there are a few stupid lines, but how creative can one get?

A few of the buttons on top of the page were not easily displayed with a 800x600 resolution, so I have replaced them with smaller buttons. (Thanks to Stig for helping out a lot) :) I'm running a higher resolution and have a 17" monitor. Please feel free to send an email if you have any comments about this page (webmaster@unicorn.no). 
I have also added more lyrics.

I have udated the web a little. It seemed to me that it was very difficult to navigate with all the good stuff hidden away.

Ok, back on track again. For those of you that want to buy our new album, please send an email to oss@unicorn.no So we can get an idea of the demand, it's not binding in any way. Leave an e-mail adress and we will let you know when the cd is available. **Finally, the pics from Greece are scanned.

June 2001
Unicorn traveled to Greece to record their first album. You can read or diary from Greece here.