Nyheter 2005


It has been very long since I updated the web. And many of you might think that I just laid myself down to die ;))) But no, I have just been under the knife for the second time this year.
After the surgery in my belly i have gained a new life without pain in my thorat or stomach, and I can eat and drink what I like. Unfortunately I waited and waited for my voice to come back and it never did. So in june I went to my ear/nose/throat specialist who after a quick look down my throat confirmed my greatest fear and relief...a cyst on the vocal chord...
Fear because I am a singer and can imagine nothing worse than surgery on my vocal chord. 
Relief because it is not "my" fault that my voice would not heal.
29th of august I had my surgery, that lasted about one hour. You have to "go under" for the surgery and I had some serious anxiety when I woke up because I was not prepared for all the phlegm that was wanting to come up.
And after a surgery like that you are not supposed to COUGH, CLEAR THE THROAT or TALK for ONE WEEK!!! That is quite a while and I was dreading it a lot because we didn't know if I had to be quiet for even longer. 
I lay there big eyed and held Kelly's hand. Every time I felt I had to cough my pulse raised from about 60 to about 100 in an instant and I stared at my, btw beautiful, nurse with pleading eyes. She insured me that I was doing real well with the not coughing part and she helped me by giving me warm water to drink..
After about two hours the worst pains in my throat started fading and after about three-four hours I could go home. It was actually nice to not talk for a week, I became a little irresponsible and could just shrug my shoulders if I dont understand or bother to understand :))

Well, it has been two weeks and two days since the surgery and I can talk, but have to take it easy. They actually found two cysts on my right vocal chord, so I am beginning to understand that with these cysts and the reflux it is pretty incredible that I have been able to sing for as long as I have and record an album....
Hopefully I can start my singing lessons again in october, and then I will sing your ears off!!!!

Hello everybody.
Now the operation is done and delt with. 5 tiny little scars, 1 of them in the bellybutton, is all that is left of so many years of worrying. I can't eat normally yet, but almost. I can't even burp my great ones anymore. I have lost a few pounds, but not as much as I had hoped for..hehe..
For the ones who now think I had an operation to shrink my belly, thats wrong. I was born with a too short valve down to my stomach, which has given me a lot of heartburn over the years and now a cronic hoarse voice. So I can't sing. I have now undergone a laproscopic surgery that closes the gap where the acid in the stomach could spill up into the eatingtube. My condition is called Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
My voice is still hoarse, but I guess I should be patient for a little while longer since it is only a month since the surgery.

I have slept all night for weeks now. I mean every night, not every night for weeks. :O
It is an incredible feeling after so many years not sleeping, that i am finally able to sleep the whole night through.
As a whole I feel much better than ever. I am restless because I feel ready to fight for Unicorn again, but the voice wont indulge me.
Because I haven't been able to sing for so long I haven't tried to write music either. But then I thought it was about time, and wouldn't you believe it just came a song flying out of nowhere. One of my best if I might say so. The lyrics are found on the Media pages. Hope you like it.