Past to present


Unicorn met at Niss in the schoolyear 98/99. We were all studying to become musicians (!), and at the third semester everyone could decide where and what to play. We decided to play selfcomposed music.

When we were deciding on the concert arena, the thoughts about doing something positive in addition to practicing music, began to shape.Today we are well aware that this is something we should have done a long time ago. We aim to play at all kinds of arenas, but we find it especially rewarding to play at support centers.

In addition to writing lyrics about taboo topics witch are selfexperienced, we talk openly about this in our performances. Today there is a lot of violence, war, crime and mental problems in the world. We feel it is everybodys responsebility to do something improving the situation.

We have been fortunate to have talents in music, and this is our way of trying to create positive effects.
We would like to mention that we`re not occupied with peoples background, religion, political stand or raze. Mainly we experience that when we get to know people, this is not significant.
We are pretty much alike, and have more or less the same needs.



No changes.



No changes.




Unicorn have decided to hire a bassplayer, guitarist and drummer for future events, contributing to a higher cost, ensuring professional musicians a ground pay.


Unfortunately Finn has decided to work with his own music from now on. It is indeed very sad. But it is easy to understand why one would like to work with ones own songs. We wish him good luck and gladly admit that we dont know what will happen in the future. We have decided to wait a while before we decide if we should leave the band to rest.




Unicorn are now using different musicians for gigs.




We have a resolved a great many things, especially the economy...hehe...Unicorn will have to work differently from now on, this is mainly Tonje`s band and booking will be her responsibility. We can unfortunately not perform for free anymore since we have to hire bassplayer and drummer for every gig. In addition i want all of us to have pay for this job that we think is so important, but often straining. We have agreed that André shall work with us on gigs and be responsable for picking bassplayer and drummer for every assignment.


Dear Sigmund, if u are out there, u should pic up some clothes u have at my place. Good luck on...ehh.. what you are doing.




After doing an unforgettable job, André has decided to leave Unicorn. This has not been an easy decision since he has been a very important part of this band for the past 3 years. We are of the opinion that everyone must follow their hearts, to make their world fulfilled. André has the ability to bring out the best in each person he meets, and he feels that other projects are calling. It is not easy being a part of a project like this. When people choose to take other paths, I respect that. It creates challenges for us, but I feel that the cause we are fighting for is so important. Its not time to quit, but to start fighting back. 
Dear André, good luck on your way. You will always be a part of Unicorn....


Johan has left Unicorn, and proceeds to work on his own career.


We`ve got a new bassplayer. Sigmund Vik comes from Hordaland and we found him at Niss...(like all the others). Sigmund is a talented bassplayer, handling his bass with sensitivity, and we are looking forward to knowing him better during the spring and the summer.




We have a new drummer, again. Swedish Johan Segelryd has joined us on drums. Johan gives Unicorn a unique resource, not only by being a tight and creative drummer, but also by being a very solid person, wich in many ways becomes a very important, down to earth piece in our jigsaw.


Tirill Mohn will help Unicorn with the recording, and mainly participate on violin and guitar.


Tirill Mohn has joined Unicorn!
We are very happy to be joined by Tirill on drums. In addition to drums, Tirill plays guitar and violin. She has previously palyed in the norwegian band "White Willow".


Sölvi Sörensen has left Unicorn. We are playing without bass for now! Sölvi has moved on to new challenges in the band "SoftCore". We wish her all the best of luck in the future.