Performances 2001


Unicorn participates at an arrangement held byMental Helse Buskerud in Drammenshallen.


Contributing to a seminar held by Asker and Bærum klinikken, we`re performing at Sandvika Kino 1, sal 2. The arrangement lasts from 09.30 till 15.15 and we start around 12.00. 


Unicorn plays at Dikemark Sykehus in Asker for the second time. 
This time we`re playing inside the cafè. We start at 16.15. 


Unicorn plays at Blakstad sykehus in Asker in the old conference hall. The concert starts at 18.30. 


Unicorn plays for Mental Helse in Gjøvik.
At Tranberg Videregående skole and the concert will be held in the auditorium. We start at 18.30. 
Open concert. 


Unicorn plays at the launch of Mental Helse and Elevorganisasjonens autumn campaign. It will take place at "fabrikken" in Oslo at 21.00. 


Unicorn goes to Greece to record our first album. The recording will be done in a beautiful house we can stay in for two months. 


Unicorn are playing at Youngstorget June 8th 2001 !
SMI-Oslo are gong on their 15th year and are celebrating the occasion at Youngstorget, where we get to play a 1 1/2 hours long concert. We are hoping for beautiful weather.
The concert starts at 17.00 and this will be some serious fun.... 


Unicorn plays at Dikemark sykehus.
The concert is outdoors, and we are hoping for beautiful weather.
We start playing at 17.00, the adress is Dikemarkvn. 39, Asker. 


Unicorn are having a concert at SMI-Oslo wednesday 2nd of May. This evening SMI will be open to everyone.
Come to Youngstorget 5 -2 . floor and check this out, we start playing at 18.00. 


Unicorn will participate and perform at a conference arranged by Mental Helse at Hamar 28th - 29th of april.