Behold & Beheld (2003)

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About BeHold & BeHeld

The album "BeHold & BeHeld" contains 14 songs that vary from tunes, to pop and rock. All songs are written by Tonje Ettesvoll, and with Andrè Storeng and Finn Harrisson most of the songs have been arranged for a full band. All songs have meaningful lyrics and are very melodic.

The sleeve has been crafted from an idea by Tonje Ettesvoll and Øystein Gutu. A VERY SPECIAL thank you goes to this man, who through his amazing talent and skills is a delight to work with.The sleeve is a piece of art in itself, and is shaped in the form of a photoalbum. Today many people choose to download music from the internet and we see it as a challenge to create a sleeve people can enjoy and study over time.

A special thank you to Leif Johansen who has done a great job with the mix, and Arne-Peter Rognan at Multimaster Media AS who worked extra hard to master our album.

We will also like to thank everyone at Sib-Tryck AB and Lola Petman who have worked so hard to print the sleeve.